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A membership with Dance Beyond Fitness entitles you to unlimited access to all DBF Dance Clips in our library. You can make a full 30-minute or 60-minute routine or simply enjoy a quick, 5-minute (1 song) dance clip whenever you can fit it into your day. All of the choreography is done for you. Just follow along and have fun!


In addition, members have access to all of the choreography breakdowns. You can use the dance step tutorials to improve your skills. Technique tips are available to members to help you improve your technique.

It's like your own personal dance party in your living room (or wherever you happen to be)!


DBF Dance Clips

DBF Dance Clips


I've only got 5 minutes.
Do you want to exercise but you never quite manage to carve out enough time to go to the gym? Do you (like me) hate to go to the gym? No time to change, shower, travel to and from dance class and then sweat up a storm for 30 minutes or an hour? Don't want to go back to the office smelling like a boys' locker room? No problem! We've got you covered! "Dance Clips" are fully choreographed songs that lasts around 5 minutes. You can do them anywhere, anytime. Don't you deserve 5 minutes of pleasure in your day?
I've got more than 5 minutes. Can I use dance like a 30-minute or 60-minute workout?  
Of course! We are in the process of hand selecting a set of choreography for you. Until then, you can also simply combine a set of 6 - 12 Dance Clips to get your full workout all at once.

Add a little pleasure to your day


Membership is a reoccurring payment, once a month. Cancel at anytime. No penalties. No hassles. Payments are secure through PayPal. You can use your PayPal balance, debit card or credit card. Payments are in USD.



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please note that for a limited time, all content will be PAY WHAT YOU CAN. I will be including a "PAY WHAT YOU CAN" button when I have all the logistics figured out. I am a small business so I opted to include a "Pay What You Can" button for those who wish to contribute (even $1 is greatly appreciated!) to offset some of my costs. I am doing this as my way to help out during the crisis so that the content here is accessible to everyone. My hope is that moving and dancing will bring a little bit of joy during these unprecedented times.

Eventually the content will be accessible to members only for $9.99/mo. Please enjoy the content free of charge (or for a small donation, whichever you choose) until then. Happy Dancing!!

Limited time offer

Dance Fusion

Dance Fusion

What is Dance Fusion??

Dance fusion blends inspiration from two or more dance forms into one choreography, one song. Some of the dance clips will be a single inspiration, whereas others will draw from several different dance forms.


Dance fusion 

Cardio Dance Fusion

Ideal for those who want to get their hearts pumping to the beat with some vigorous movement.  Cardio Dance Fusion choreographies are a more energetic blend of choreography that really lets you get your groove on. It is a fusion that blends various mid to high impact styles, such as  salsa, swing, samba and hip hop

mid to high impact


Stretch & Flex Dance Fusion

Ideal for those who want to tone their bodies, gain flexibility and build endurance. Stretch & Flex Dance Fusion is based in ballet, belly dance, reggaeton and other dance forms with a focus on core movement and isolations. Low impact doesn't have to mean boring. The ultimate way to shape your body and improve your balance.

Low impact


"Dance For yourself, not anybody else."

- Pierre Dulaine


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** Disclaimer: Please consult with your physician before taking any dance or fitness class. If you have specific questions or concerns or if you need modifications for any of the movements, please contact me via the link below.

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