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Dance for fun & enjoyment that fuses different dance styles together.

A great workout (without the "work").

What We Offer

Dancing is the perfect way to escape from a busy and stressful daily routine. It helps you relax and stay in shape. It's all about freedom and this is what we offer. There is no age or skill limit. We believe that everybody can dance. It is a matter of freeing your soul and letting the music take over.

We offer 100% online dances, with no experience necessary. Let loose and have fun while you dance your way to fitness and beyond. No judgments or pressure here. Dance from the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world. Login on your schedule.

No Happiness, No Gain

Take the "Work" Out of Your Workout with Dance Beyond Fitness  

We all need to move, but moving shouldn't be a "chore".

No Pain. No Gain. is BS. Excercise should be fun & enjoyable.



Why Dance? There is no denying the health benefits of dance, but dance is so much more. It is that absolute feeling of freedom when you move and express yourself through dance. Movement should be pleasurable, not a chore to be endured.

This is not fitness for the sake of fitness. No jumping or squats here. Dance Beyond Fitness is more than aerobic or fitness classes set to music. It's true that dance is an excellent way to stay fit, gain muscle, and build endurance and flexibility, but the health benefits are a side benefit. 

I invite you to dance for the pleasure of it!! Dance releases endorphins that decrease stress and increase pleasure. Don't you deserve a little pleasure in your day?  

What is Dance Beyond Fitness? Dance Beyond Fitness was created so you can enjoy dance anywhere, anytime. You can insert a little pleasure (dance) into your day whether you have 5 minutes or 1 hour. Dance Quickies are choreographed single songs. Dance Quickies are a mix of dance styles and will use authentic dance steps as a basis for the choreography. Dance Beyond Fitness offers Dance Fusion songs that merge different dance styles into one workout. ​It is not a place to perfect your pirouette or become the next salsa star, but it is a place to explore different types of dance all in one place. Dance. Enjoy. Have fun. No judgements here.

Invest in Happiness

Who is dance beyond fitness (DBF) for?

Can you answer YES (or hell, yes!) to any of these questions:


Do you not want to have to feel like an expert just to take the class?


Do you love to dance (even if it is just around your living room)?


Do you not want to have to go to a studio to dance?


Do you dread going to the gym and just want more fun in your day?


Do you want to try more than one form of dance?


Dance anywhere, anytime

100% online

24 / 7,  375 days / year

Dance whenever you want, from the convince of your own home or anywhere you want!

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